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Marching Onto DVD: Intelligently Designed “Penguins”

Movie stars, but are they gay?

One of last summer’s biggest and most surprising success stories at the box office was a movie that had no special effects and no movie stars--just a bunch of penguins. The documentary “

March of the Penguins


” was released

on DVD

this week. The film's poetic-yet-gritty depiction of Emperor penguins surviving the hazards of life in the Antarctic became the second highest grossing documentary ever (behind “Farenheit 9/11”)--while also becoming a discussion point in the debate over

Intelligent Design

. Conservative Christians in particular

latched onto

the film’s portrayal of the penguins' complex and fragile mating rituals, which include marching on a 70-mile trek and sheltering an egg under unbelievably harsh conditions. Details such as these, the argument goes, must be an affirmation that a Supreme Being, not natural selection, is behind it all.

Of course soon after such claims were made by the religious right, others began to challenge the absurdity of attaching values such as monogamy and self-sacrifice

to animals
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