Kevin James Talks Fighting, Faith, and Making Movies for the Whole Family

Comedian Kevin James opens up to Beliefnet about the importance of education, why he loves Mixed Martial Arts fighting, and how he hopes his new movie can impact others.

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Tell me a bit more about your faith background.

I’m a catholic christian. My father was devout pretty much his entire life and we used to go to mass all the time, and there were times in my life where I kind of faded away and went on my own and stumbled a little bit, but as I get older and I have a family I realize the gift that he gave me through God to return and see the truth, it brings me back to realizing it’s the most important thing while we are spending our time on this earth. For me it’s important to continually learn and grow and know Him, and that’s what I’m trying to do. I still screw up, gosh, more than most I’m sure, but I will keep trying to right the ship.

What attracts you to making secular films over faith-based films?

It’s basically just how I want to live my life. When I see a movie like that that’s inspirational and it’s not too heavy handed and over the top where it’s preaching to you, that’s a turnoff, but when it’s done correctly and you have fun and you feel inspired, you feel emotional about things. Those are the movies that I’m moved by, so that’s what I want to do.

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