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Spiritual films are those cinematic gems that shed light on, or make a serious attempt to grapple with, the big questions. Why are we here? What's the meaning of life? Is there a God? Why is there evil in the world? Of course, this will inevitably include movies with overtly religious themes—Christian or otherwise—such as redemption, forgiveness, keeping faith, life and death, good vs. evil, and more. But sometimes they're simply about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. No matter what the theme, these movies are bound to touch your soul in some way.

The winners of this year's Beliefnet Film Awards have done just that. Click through this gallery to learn which film won the Judges' Award and which received the People's Choice Award, voted on by you.  Also watch videos and read about about the other films that were nominated in this category.  And the winners of the Best Spiritual Film of the Year are....

Text by Dena Ross

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