Rosanne Cash Surrenders to Grief
--and Love

In an exclusive video meditation, plus an interview and music, the singer-songwriter shares her journey through grief and faith.

Rosanne Cash
Exclusive Video
Watch a a video meditation recorded for Beliefnet by Rosanne Cash.

Music from "Black Cadillac":
"God Is in the Roses"
"The World Unseen"


Rosanne Cash has been a singer-songwriter for 25 years, but her latest album, "Black Cadillac," might be her most intense and personal to date. The record mines the grief that Cash experienced after she lost three parents in two years--her mother, Vivian Liberto Cash Distin, and her father and stepmother, Johnny and June Carter Cash. "Each song is about a different place on the map of loss," she told Beliefnet during an interview in which she talked about her songwriting, her spiritual path, and how love survives death.

Do you see this album as a love letter or a farewell to your parents? 

No--it's not a tribute record, it's not a farewell, it's not a goodbye note. It's about what I discovered in the mourning process about my relationship to them, which I believe continues, about re-negotiating the terms of those relationships, because they're not over, although I'm the only one talking. And about the emptiness, the silence that comes when you're the only one talking. It's about an attempt to connect and find what survives death—the ancestral thread, and love.

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