Anthony Evans: A Different Kind of Voice

NBC's The Voice has become one of the top reality TV shows on television and singer Anthony Evans found a place on one of it's four teams. Read what he has to say about the show, his coach, and his beliefs!

BY: Stephen Russ


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What’s the biggest thing you are going to take away from this experience?

The biggest thing I’m going to take away from this experience is thinking outside of the box. In the same way that Christina is a trailblazer, she has made decisions about “this is who I am, I’m going to write songs about it, I’m going to sing, and people are going to follow me.” I want to think outside of the box in my realm and be a trailblazer. I don’t want to play it safe anymore. The Voice is making me not want to play it safe with the adventures that I take on when this show is over and people have forgotten about season 2 and are on to season 3 and 4. I want to be out there not playing it safe, because I’m excited again. There was a part of me that lost some of that excitement in my tenth year of being on the road and leading worship. The Voice has re-created that.

You know, that makes sense, I was pretty surprised to see that two of your favorite musicians are Michael Buble and John Mayer.

That catches everyone off guard! That’s one thing I discussed with the producers of the show, because they assumed that I was just going to be a soul singer. That’s not me at all. I love different, I love being different and I love listening to things that are different. Kirk Franklin is a huge John Mayer fan, so we’d sit back and listen to him. I love lyrics, I love songs that are crafted well, and then I love performers who have mastered their craft. Buble is a performer who has mastered his craft, when he’s 55 it will be just as cool to go see him as it is now. He has created something that’s timeless and that’s what I love about him. Then, when I listen to Mayer’s lyrics I’m like “you’ve gotta be kidding me!”

Picturing you and Kirk Franklin listening to John Mayer is blowing my mind a little.

*laughs* Not what you expected huh?

Not at all! So have you watched the other NBC singing show, The Sing-Off?

I have! My friend Rachael Lampa was on the last season. It’s showcasing talent. Those singers – you could take my team from The Voice and I don’t know if we could execute the stuff that some of the Sing-Off teams can do. Having ears that can actually hear that stuff is not normal, that’s not something you just find. That show takes a lot of ability but it’s obviously group driven, The Voice comes down to you competing for yourself which is a little different take, and it’s about interacting with the coaches on a deeper, more personal level. I love both ideas.

So were you and Christina Aguilera able to connect on a personal level?

Yeah! 2 nights after we got into town the producers walked into a room with the twelve of us and said “Hey Christina wants to have y’all over for dinner so get dressed, no cameras just come over.” So, you know, a couple of days before that I’m leading worship somewhere in America and then the next day I’m at Christina Aguilera’s house out in Hollywood Hills and I’m like “what is going on right now?!” But, she welcomed us into her home, we sat around and we had a great time. She made sure that she got to really know everybody.

The Voice allows us to connect with our coaches via e-mail, so I told her thank you, and that I’d become more of a fan of her because of getting to know her off stage. Not that I wasn’t a fan before in her vocal ability, but who she is as a mother and as a caretaker of our team. She’s really been interested. She e-mailed me after my blind audition and said “Aw you killed it! Good job, keep it up!” That kind of stuff, she doesn’t have to do that stuff, she could be like “okay great, cameras are off, I’m out!” but she’s not that. She’s been great, I’m a supporter of who she is, and I don’t mean who we know her to be; the lights, and smoke, and stage presence, I mean who she is when all that’s turned off. I’m really a fan of that Christina.

What are you doing right now outside of the show?

Well, the label that I was with prior to going to The Voice is putting out my album Home. That’s exciting, that’s the great thing about The Voice too is they don’t lock you down where you can’t do shows on breaks. They do not want to take away from your career, they don’t want to lock you down and say “after this show’s over for a year you can’t do anything.” It’s very much like “hey! Go! Sing! Enjoy yourself!” So that’s been really cool too, I’m excited to be able to keep what I do, to keep that going, and at the same time be involved with something so huge like America’s number 1 competition show. It’s crazy.

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