Brian Fallon Speaks in Anthems

How a tattooed Christian from New Jersey took the world by storm.

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What would you say the overall message of this project is?

Well, the Horrible Crowes kind of came from a broken relationship. It started out with the song “Last Rites” where a guy gets left by one situation and feels like there’s nothing else for him, talking about getting his last rites sung to him, which, is a little bit melodramatic in the real world (laughs). It ends with a song called “I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together” which is pretty amazing because for such a dark record it kind of turns out pretty positive. Funny enough, that song was written in Japan the night of that huge earthquake, which we were all in. So, that’s a little strange thing, but that’s kind of the beauty of that, you don’t know what’s gonna come out when, it just comes out.

For you, what are the biggest musical differences between it and The Gaslight Anthem?

With The Horrible Crowes record, that started basically from the drums up. That was a big difference between Gaslight where it’s usually an acoustic guitar structuring out the song. With The Horrible Crowes guitars almost didn’t have anything to do with the writing. We would just start with these drum loops, and then we would start working on pianos and organs, then sometimes hand claps and whatever inspired us to make something. We would build the songs up like that from the ground up. It was in reverse.


Why did you decide to do it differently?

Just for an experiment. The routine was kind of becoming “make a record go on tour make a record go on tour” and it was just kind of like, “alright, what else is out there?” I have this desire to be creative still, even though Gaslight had just written a record, and I didn’t know where to place that energy. You know, it’s like an itch that you can’t scratch. If you want to write then you have to. I was just trying to think what would be good, and then Ian and I were talking about all of this completely different music and we said hey let’s try and wrote some songs. Even if it never comes out let’s see what happens.

I loved your vocal delivery throughout the album, did you feel less inhibited on this record than on previous records?

Yeah definitely, but that kind of came from the tour for Gaslight Anthem’s

American Slang

. I started to try and learn new things with my voice and it really started to go well. I think that with the Horrible Crowes it was just the first record that I got to experiment with my voice and seeing exactly what it’s capable of and now I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on the next Gaslight record.

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