Brian Fallon Speaks in Anthems

How a tattooed Christian from New Jersey took the world by storm.

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How do you think that doing this record will influence that next Gaslight album?

Well, I definitely know how to write songs from a completely different standpoint, I feel like I have more tools in the toolbox.

What’s the plan for you guys?

Actually we are going to start practicing next week, we’ve got some songs and we’re planning on recording around January, sometime during the winter, and maybe the record will come out in the early summer. We’re like “just keep moving, just get it while the faucets running.” ‘Cause I don’t know when it’s going to turn off (laughs). I don’t know when I’m going to wake up and say “Oh well I can’t write any songs, that’s it, band’s over! See you later, I’m going to be a preacher, bye!” (laughs)

Do you really think that that’s what would happen?

Ah, I have no idea that’s just always the joke around the band, me and the drummer constantly joke about that, that if I wasn’t a musician I would be a preacher. But I’d be like one of those guys who carried a wagon around in the Midwest with like, a black suit, and my wife and kids with dust everywhere (laughs) and I’d be yelling about the end of the world or something. I don’t know why I’m fascinated by that stuff but I am!

I think you should come out on stage like that for the next tour!

Maybe I might, you never know what’s going to happen.

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