Weathering the Storms of ‘Noah’

Director Darren Aronofsky was intrigued with the story of Noah since he was a kid in Brooklyn, New York.

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The priority was not to contradict the Bible, and the team consulted theologians, the Midrash and the Book of Enoch to fill in the gaps. One character inspired from Nephilim was depicted as fallen angels trapped inside the bodies of molten rock.

“The Bible talks about the Nephilim so we knew we had to deal with that… Interpreting a story that is four chapters long and making it into a two hour movie that’s entertaining, you have to study every word,” said Aronofsky who directed “The Wrestler” and “Black Swan."

“We really wanted to take out the big themes from the film, the ideas of mercy and justice, and try to figure out a story for these characters. I was really inspired metaphorically by the idea of [the Nephilim] falling in love with man from afar, from above, caring for them, and that’s how I wanted to express the love and somehow combining [them] with the earth, and to be imprisoned by the earth.”

Aronofsky tracked down his former teacher and invited her to the set and casted her. “She’s actually a one-eyed crone in the movie who says, “You! You!” And, yes, she still owns a pink Mustang.

Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Connelly join Crowe in Noah’s epic journey hitting theaters on March 28.

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