The Wisdom of Rabbi Joseph Gelberman

Inspiring Teachings from the Father of Interfaith

Rabbi Joseph Gelberman

When he passed away on Rosh Hashanah 2010, he left a legacy of love, joy and hope.

By Rev. Victor Fuhrman

I first met Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman in 1995 when I enrolled in the New Seminary of New York. One of the first interfaith seminaries, the school was founded by the Rabbi in 1979 in partnership with prominent clergy from several faiths and traditions. Rebbe Gelberman, as he was affectionately called by his students and friends, was a pioneer in bridging understanding between people of different religions and spiritual paths, emphasizing that they have more in common than different and advocating that all humankind see each other as brothers and sisters.

For me, he became a teacher, mentor, friend and a man who lovingly saw me through both sad and joyous transitions in my life. I am humbled, blessed and in deep gratitude for the gift of his presence in our world.

The following quotations and stories highlight his teachings, wit, loving ways and profound spiritual depth. Like all of the Rabbi's good works, they are meant to inspire people of all faiths.

Rev. Victor Fuhrman is a contributing expert to Beliefnet, writing on prayer and healing. He is a 1997 graduate of the The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies and co-author Pet Prayers and Blessings.

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