Kabbalah and the New Series Small Miracles

Whole city blocks are dedicated to Kabbalah. It’s beautiful and amazing. But with all this, how does one truly find their ‘way’ to authentic, “kosher”, Kabbalah?

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Each story, from the wonderful books to our show is told straight from the heart (a very important ‘organ’ in Kabbalah, “Lev” in Hebrew). Each episode is a true account about miracles that happen in everyday life, or what Mr. Webster and I define as “divine intervention”. Not only will we discuss the meanings, source, and ramifications of these miracles, but “Small Miracles”, from the first frame and note of the opening, credits, through each episode, used the tools of creative mass media, to bring down a show shot in a beautiful invocative style, layered with audio and visual meanings (both intentional and ‘unintentional’). An anecdote on that:

Years ago in another life, when I was Paul Mones, I ‘starred’ in an ABC TV series with Patrick Swayze (G-d bless him). However, on one episode, we had the pleasure of being directed by an older British gentleman named Don Chaffey. Mr. Chaffey had directed one of my favorite, cutting edge special effects films (with FX legend Ray Harryhausen), “Jason and the Argonauts”, and the still cult favorite TV series ‘The Prisoner’. 

Chaffey and I hit it off and used to talk late into the night about film. The one moment I recall best was when we were speaking of the enigmatic, still scrutinized show, “The Prisoner.” When I asked Mr. Chaffey about the abounding symbolism of the show, he responded: “Symbolism? We had no money and no time to shoot the show. If a cat wandered into the scene I had to just keep shooting. They spend hours and hours in Harvard film classes today discussing the symbolism of that cat. It symbolized we were desperate to finish the show!”


Mr. Chaffey well knew, and I learned, that even regarding that stray cat, everything happens for a Reason. From the seemingly random leaf blowing in the wind - to paraphrase the Baal Shem Tov very very loosely, to world events.  So along with the carefully planned shots, sets, music, acting etc., ‘Small Miracles’ is filled with spontaneous moments worth noting, that just ‘happened’. (a definition of “coincidence” is its G-d’s way of staying anonymous.)

On another note, “Small Miracles” hopes to be a spiritual antidote for much of the mass media today, which seems aligned with the ‘sitra achra’ (the ‘dark side’).  Wisdom says this pollutes consciousness and this world with images of darkness and fear. Whereas we attempted to create something new (a ‘chiddush’), a show to be spiritually re-invigorating, to help us all open our eyes to the miracles that abound all around us at every moment. 

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Rabbi Moshe Mones
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