Craig Groeschel on How to Detox Your Soul

Is your lifestyle dangerous to your spiritual health?

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We know something doesn’t quite feel right, that we’re not growing closer to God and following Jesus the way we would like, but we can’t put our finger on it. Even though we believe in God and want to please him, we find it hard to serve him passionately and consistently. We want to move forward spiritually but feel like we’re running against the wind. We want more—we know there’s more—but we just can’t seem to find it.

Without realizing the impact on our faith, we often embrace harmful relationships, consume toxic media, live with addictive habits, and remain oblivious to the long-term effects. We think the way we live is perfectly fine, normal, harmless, or even positive. Some people don’t want to take an honest look at the way they live by claiming, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.”

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Many individuals who inhaled second-hand smoke—not to mention all the millions of smokers—have suffered permanent and painful physical effects. The truth is this: what many people don’t know, is not just hurting them, but is killing them spiritually.

In our present culture, without even realizing it, we’ve slowly become acclimated to a toxic environment full of poisonous influences. What we watch, hear, read, and play affects who we are and the choices we make every day. Whether it’s profanity in sitcoms or partial (sometimes total) nudity in advertisements, crass lyrics in popular songs or extreme violence in video games, we’re exposed to soul toxins everyday. If we’re breathing in cultural smoke without realizing it, then our spiritual health will be compromised.

I’m proud to say that both my parents overcame their addiction to tobacco and did what many seem unable to do—quit smoking. They recognized that something they enjoyed and accepted had the potential to harm themselves and those they loved most. They realized that it wasn’t too late to live a healthy life again.

If you’re tired of the stain of sinful habits discoloring your life, if you long to breathe fresh, clean life-giving air again, then I encourage you to assess your spiritual health. Stop and think about what you’ve accepted as “normal.” It’s not too late to quit old habits and discover the fresh air of God’s truth.

Soul DetoxSoul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World






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