Becoming a True Believer

Why do we Mormons continue to be skittish about the phrase "I believe?"


05/03/2009 02:29:07 PM

By putting Joseph Smith between connection with Jesus is a mistake. Joseph Smith was perhaps a prophet, but Jesus is the ONE. Do we pray to Moses, or Elijah or Daniel? No of course not, therefore, Joseph Smith is alas just a man and his religion, just another religion. Please don't be deceived.


02/22/2006 04:58:40 PM

Maybe if we utilized Heisenberg Compensators we could stabilize the rift between the use of the word know and the unknowability of the metaphysical.


12/25/2005 05:48:32 AM

I dont want to belong to a group that thinks they are the True church and every other is false. I know that there are some members of the LDS church who privately put down other churches,but, the LDS church does not put down any faith, except the church of Satan. We do not beleive that any church that preaches or promotes good towards others, is a false religion. And just because we claim to be the true church (actually, it should read restored church of Jesus Christ), that does not imply that if you do not belong to our church, you will burn in hell or anything. That was one of the things that had to be totally cleared up for me before I joined. I believe that God is merciful as well as just, and that He will not pass judgement on anyone who is sincerely seeking His will in their lives.


12/10/2005 10:21:12 AM

Concentrate on one particular question and focus on it. When I have spent hours contemplating scripture and digesting its message, I am more open to the Spirit, especially if I fasted. Answers come in many ways - not surprising as we are all individual. You must feel hurt and troubled. I know Heavenly Father is a loving God and I am sure that he would not withold an answer from you. Here are some things for you to contemplate: What do you personally think about the gospel? What are your feelings about it all? Can you recollect any prayers being answered? Were they answered in a physical way? Have you ever had a prayer answered by way of a peaceful feeling, or calmness, or a sureness, or have you felt inspired in your actions or your decissions in life? Sometimes we are too busy to receive the answer or our mind is consumed with worries that block out the spirit's quiet voice. Sometime the answer can come through a scripture or through a child or another person.


12/10/2005 10:18:33 AM

Sorry to hear of your dilema. I am impressed that you continue to live faithful even without a sure witness. You are amazing. I want to help you. That you have stuck with the church for so long itself testifies you find comfort there. In your search for truth, start with the basics - pray to ask if God exists and if he loves you (this is an affirmative answer). Then pray whether Jesus Christ lived and died for you.(affirmative). Then ask if Joseph Smith was a servant of God.


10/28/2005 10:52:35 AM

I am sorry for those of you who felt criticized by your bishop. I have had bishops who were sources of strength to me, and I have had others that just did not have the same gifts as the others. Often they are called not because they are the perfect person for the job, but because the calling is needed to perfect them. I am sorry that this has brought challenges to you as you struggled with your testimony. Many people say that they did not receive an answer in the expected way. Many say that they received peace over time as they did the things that nurture a testimony, reading the scriptures, etc. If you are doing these things and have not received an answer, perhaps the Lord is testing your faith. There have been stories in the Ensign about people who have had this experience. It was after years of praying that they were given the answer. Please don't give up on the Lord! Be patient and the answer will come. After waiting such a long time it will be something that you will cherish for eternity!


10/23/2005 01:05:23 AM

I'm not sure Descarte or epistemology, in its current state, is much of a denunciation of the Mormon testimony. Descartes' "cogito ergu sum" was the result of a process of "systematic doubt" he conveniently chucked as soon as he wanted to load up his previous beliefs. Nietzsche took an axe to it. Hume's empiricism was so radical it doubted "cause and effect," which are not verifiable by experience. Kant's approach was to say that certain truths cannot be verified by experience because they're how we process the world. Lockean correspondence is still the standard idea: that we "know" something if our idea "corresponds" to the outside world. But if all we have are "ideas," how do we prove correspondence? The Mormon "I know" is mystical. It has no basis in empiricism or rationalism. Yet, knowledge, as we speak of it today, is merely a sense of certainty based on following the agreed-upon methodology. Mormons who have a "testimony experience" say, "I know" for that very reason.


10/10/2005 03:02:28 AM

Descartes and the entirety of everything that has every been written of Epistemology becomes irrelevant to the True Believing Mormon's need to use the word "Know". "I know this is true, I know that is true... I know it is all so true." What can be said? The word know is like an instant injection of endorphin for Mormons. I know that endorphins are true. Ahhh, there I feel better already.


10/09/2005 03:47:37 PM

"If you don't stand for something, you may fall for anything!" I have heard this prhase many times in my life, and have come to know that it has merit! We as a Church do not put down other churches....some may choose to intrepret our convictions or our beliefs to say we do, but we do not. We believe other churches contain fragmented truths, and all are sincere in their effort to bring people to believe in Jesus Christ, but they lack the power and authority from God to administer in the ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe we have the Restored Gospel in it's fulness, and offer it to any an all who desire to receive it. :^)


09/21/2005 12:35:04 AM

I think it best just to not belong to a church. I mean if you have a bible and read it then why should there be a need to go out and join a religous organisation such as the Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses who are the only two churches i know of that always Claim they are the true church. No other churches have ever said to me we are the True Chruch all they're interested in is teaching the Bible, not how many memebers they can get, or claiming they're the true church. This what put me off Mormons and JW they both claim they are the True Church and put down the other? I dont want to belong to a group that thinks they are the True church and every other is false. They are wishful thinking or need to come down from the clouds and face reality.


09/18/2005 12:42:15 AM

I think you should be true to yourself, regardless of what people say. In fact, there's something liberating about taking full responsibility for your own spirituality, and of being responsible only to yourself.


09/16/2005 11:57:13 AM

wwa - what kind of answer were you expecting? (Fill in the experience you had after praying about the BOM). "Burning in the bosom" "Feeling of peace" "Words impressed upon the mind" "Sense of 'rightness'" etc. etc. That's what I was expecting. Something measureable and obviously not caused by myself. I prayed countless times, spent time listening, then nothing but utter and complete silence, no feelings one way or the other. And then church members/leaders blaming me for the problem.


09/15/2005 10:00:00 PM

I tried for years and never heard the 'correct' answer that everyone wants you to hear. So I ask what if you recieve an answer that is contrary to the party line. I always find it funny that then the answer came from satan and you should go pray harder...more...better, you name it. I think there needs to be more independent thought allowed within the structure of the church.


09/15/2005 09:17:26 PM

JackMo, I know exactly what you're talking about. It took me a long time to admit to church leaders that I had serious doubts about this enterprise - at least with respect to the party line of a perfect "one true" church with a continuous and unbroken line of communication with heaven. Whenever I admitted my concerns, I was questioned as if I had done something wrong, told to read and pray more and asked whether I were in the gall of iniquity. One bishop told me I was wrong to continue asking, once I had had my initial conversion experience, even though questions are what led me - and Joseph Smith - to Mormonism in the first place.


09/15/2005 04:14:35 PM

mo what kind of answer were you expecting?


09/15/2005 11:49:19 AM

I've prayed again and again for years to "know" whether the Church and Book of Mormon are true. I've never in my entire life of 40 years received any sense of "feeling something" in answer or even "words impressed on my mind". And this despite life membership, a mission, and temple marriage. When I present this dilemma to church leaders and members invariably I'm told that I lack faith, must have some unrepented sin, wasn't listening, or wasn't sincere - essentially blaming me for the problem. This is the ugly flipside to all of the faith-promoting stories circulated in the Church regularly. There are many like me who prayed sincerly for an answer and never got one. But we're made to feel as if there's something wrong with us by the faithful whose "I know the Church is true" epistemology is apparently threatened by experiences like mine. This makes it extremely difficult to even want to participate.