Are Christians held to an unfair higher standard?

Bestselling author and TV pundit Bill O’Reilly has been ridiculed, criticized and openly mocked after writing a Christian book. What’s going on?

Devout Christian and controversial conservative gadfly Bill O’Reilly is never at a loss of words and his recent defense of his book Killing Jesus has given him opportunity to wax eloquent – perhaps his favorite pastime. However, has he been treated fairly?


Bill O’Reilly

He’s been mocked on late-night TV. He’s been nitpicked by theologians. He even found himself on the defensive in what should have been an ultra-friendly venue, the Food Network, not exactly the home of sensationalistic journalism.

There wasn’t such a brouhaha when he wrote the bestselling Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln. But now, he tackles the topic of faith and finds himself in the media’s crosshairs. Ridicule by such pundits as John Stewart and Stephen Colbert can be withering – even for somebody who basks in the media’s glare.


Of course, the book isn’t perfect. He opens with an odd assertion that Jesus was on Earth 36 years. Hmmmmm. The Bible and most traditions have Him beginning His ministry at age 30 and being crucified three years later at age 33 – then after His resurrection appeared for 40 before His ascension into heaven. O’Reilly never explains the 36-year assertion. At least a footnote would have been nice.

Then there’s the typical O’Reilly bluster – yes, he actually told the press that the book was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Yikes. Naturally, that provoked snickers. Most Christians take very seriously their conviction that the Holy Bible is Holy Spirit-inspired. Southern Baptists use the term “God-breathed.” Was O’Reilly claiming his bestseller should be inserted into the Scriptures, perhaps between The Book of Acts and Paul’s Epistle to the Romans?

O'Reilly on Ray's Food Network show

O’Reilly on Ray’s Food Network show

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