Are Christians held to an unfair higher standard?

Bestselling author and TV pundit Bill O’Reilly has been ridiculed, criticized and openly mocked after writing a Christian book. What’s going on?

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O’Reilly on Ray’s Food Network show

“While speaking in a recent interview with celebrity chef Rachael Ray, Fox television host Bill O’Reilly defended previous comments he made when he said the Holy Spirit guided him,” writes Katherine Weber at the Christian Post.

O’Reilly, who hosts Fox’s top-rated “The O’Reilly Factor,” told Ray on her daytime Food Network talk show that his claims regarding the Holy Spirit’s inspiration “were in-line with his Christian faith, and atheists had misinterpreted his comments,” writes Weber.


“Catholics and Christians believe there’s an interactive God,” O’Reilly told Ray, adding that God “pays attention to all of us, and that’s where the inspiration you get comes from.”

He made the divine inspiration claim on the CBS News program “60 Minutes.”

O’Reilly told “60 Minutes” reporter Norah O’Donnell that specifically, that the Holy Spirit in the middle of the night inspired him with the name of the book. “All of the ideas come to me in the middle of the night, and one night, I just woke up and it went, ‘Killing Jesus,’” O’Reilly said. “And I believe – because I’m a Catholic – that comes from the Holy Spirit. My inspiration comes from that. And so I wrote Killing Jesus because I think I was directed to write that.”

O'Reilly on 60 Minutes

O’Reilly on 60 Minutes

When O’Donnell asked O’Reilly if he considers himself chosen by God, O’Reilly answered: “I’m just one of many who have been given gifts. i can write. I can bloviate on TV. So I’m trying to use the gifts in a positive way. And I believe that’s all directed and that’s why I’m here on the planet.”

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