Is Louis Farrakhan trying to merge Islam and Scientology?

Is the founder of the U.S.-based Nation of Islam planning on uniting his group with the late Ron Hubbard's controversial sect?

Is Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan trying to merge his brand of Muslim theology with Scientology? Here is an article by the Assistant Editor of  The Blaze, Billy Hallowell:

Farrakhan recently made a long, bizarre commentary about the “fall of the United States.” In that same sermon, which spanned well over two hours in length, the fiery faith leader also issued praise for the Church of Scientology — yet another endorsement and public proclamation surrounding a relationship that the Nation of Islam has apparently been courting for years.


 Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

Considering the increased media coverage of Scientology amid Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce, Farrakhan’s comments are particularly timely. Additionally, they create a plethora of questions, especially considering the allegedly racist past of Scientology’s founder Lafayette Ron Hubbard, NOI’s ethnocentric theology and the controversial elements inherent in both belief systems.

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