Judaism and the Coca-Cola Culture

God set up the world as a system by which humanity has the choice to pull away from Him, thereby allowing for the “higher” Spouse-like relationship with Him to become available.

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Rather, we are pointing out that there is a tragedy going on. This tragedy is the fizzling away of the human being’s focus on and motivation for that which is ultimately valuable and meaningful, by way of pacifying his inner yearning for meaning through attributing a false sense of value and meaning to that which is ultimately not valuable and meaningful. Now, some people will claim that these things are relatively meaningful – that since the individual finds a certain 66 sense of fulfillment in his collection, it is therefore meaningful to him.

The truth is that my intent here is not to challenge that assertion. If a person senses a certain fulfillment or meaningfulness in a particular accomplishment, then, by definition, it is indeed relatively meaningful to him. However, what I am trying to demonstrate here is that when you compare relative meaningfulness to objective meaningfulness, it comes out that relative meaningfulness is not meaningful at all. This is because, ultimately, what is meaningful is that which goes on, that which is everlasting. For example, what meaningful difference is there between me waking up this morning and building a hospital versus me waking up this morning and filling a hospital by going on a killing spree? Obviously, it would be nicer of me to build the hospital than to go on the killing spree, but what makes my decision between the two objectively meaningful?

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