Norman Lear: 'For Each of Us the World Was Created'

Trusting that each time you throw a stone in the lake, the water level rises.

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Who better to start that than you? You are coming out of a great communications school after all, and doesn't communicating mean engaging with the entire human being?

As you go out into your chosen field, then-whether you are in front or behind the camera; whether you are writing or researching in your field; whether you bring your talent to cyberspace or print journalism-I trust you will not be so squeamish or parochial on the topic as to continue to suppress an open discussion of one of the great human imperatives of our time.

It has never been so clear that what we need is to fling open the doors that contain the worlds' religions to find new ways of learning more about each other's values and spiritual conditions and what the peoples of the world, hold in common as a species.

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Norman Lear
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