Archangel Gabriel

Treat others with kindness and the angels will help when you need guidance.

Woman walking on pier with white angel wings

I bring to you a message of hope and understanding. Allow yourself to feel the energy and love of my light as I surround you in an orb of copper light. Let it permeate every cell of your body and be bathed in in this light. Be open to receive, for you are indeed worthy of this greatness and more, as is everyone and everything. Let no one diminish you. All are sacred and blessed in the light of the Creator, regardless of the outward appearance.

Let wisdom be your guide. Trust what you have already learned in your journey and know that you can connect to the limitless knowledge of the Universe through your heart. Through the wisdom of your heart is the seat of your creativity, inspiration and your spiritual purpose and growth. Let us bring forth the energy of revelation and understanding. 

“I trust that I am connected to the universal wisdom and my own inner wisdom.”

Give love. Offer of yourself unconditional love. That is love without any conditions or agenda other than to support and nurture another. Let your warmth and gentleness be a guiding force for others along the path who do not feel this for themselves. Show them it is possible to keep their focus with loving eyes and tuned into hear loving words. Show patience and kindness and love as the angels do. Look for rainbows as they symbolize Divine Love for all.


“I give and receive love unconditionally.”

Communicate with others from your heart. Let it be the filter by which all words and thoughts come forth. You can help deepen your understanding of others and yourself by deepening your connection within your heart and combining your thoughts and feelings. Ask for Archangel Gabriel to overlight you so that your communications are the words that are needed and appropriate at that time. Trust in a higher outcome for the good of all and that healing takes place where it is needed.

“I communicate all my thoughts, words and actions from my heart.”

Trust that you will receive the guidance that you seek.  Trust that your angels will help to light the way. The more you remind yourself of this thought, the more it becomes your knowing and then a natural, unconscious part of your journey. You will not question it. So for now work on the trust and realize it is like a muscle that needs practice and work to become strong. Do not give up should it not turn out the way you thought, for it does not mean that it is a failure. It only means that there is something more you haven’t seen yet. Watch for clues and signs reassuring you that you are on the right track.

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