Angels All Round Us

Are angel’s fictitious? Do they protect us, or is it just wishful thinking? Although we can’t see these protectors, it doesn’t mean they’re a fairy-tale says author Anthony DeStefano.

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That hurricane caused so much suffering. But if any good can possibly come out of it, let it be that we finally get our priorities straight. We can’t ever allow the illusions of this world to blind us to the fact that the most important things in life are still Love and Honor and Kindness and Faith and God. Like the wind itself, these things are invisible—but they’re more real than anything we can see. And best of all, they can never be wiped out by any natural disaster. That’s the lesson of Sandy, and that’s the lesson I hope my book serves to underscore.

8. How do you explain to them that it wasn’t God that caused this?

I wish there was a short, sound-byte answer for this question, but there’s really not. The most important thing to say is that God does not purposely cause anyone to suffer. He’s not some sadistic puppeteer, sitting up in Heaven thinking of ways to inflict pain on us. He hates when we suffer, just as much as we do. But He allows pain—sometimes a lot of it—because the kind of world He has created is not robotic and computerized, but rather, one of free will. The mystery of human suffering—including this recent Hurricane—is tied to the story of the Fall of Man, and the fact that when God created us, He gave us free will and we turned away from Him. Death and suffering were not part of the original plan. Now course, it’s difficult to talk about “theology” during times like this. When you’re going through a storm, you’re usually not that concerned with all the meteorological reasons for why the storm occurred. The important thing to do is get through the storm first. And when you’re trying to get through any kind of suffering, the crucial thing is to try to trust that God has a bigger plan in mind—a plan that we’re not yet in a position to see. Remember, God sees everything from the perspective of eternity. And eternity is a long time! We have trouble seeing past this coming Wednesday! We have to trust that somehow, some way, God will be able to pull some kind of “good” out of the pain we experience.


After all, the worst thing that ever happened in human history was the crucifixion of Christ. Christians believe that Christ is God, so when He was killed, it wasn’t a homicide, but rather a deicide—the murder God. What could be worse than that? And yet, God allowed it to happen because He knew that three days later, there would be a Resurrection. Now, the Resurrection was the best thing that ever happened in human history, because it opened up the gates of Heaven for us, and made it possible for us to experience eternal life. So God was able to turn the worst thing that ever happened—the crucifixion—into the best thing that ever happened—the Resurrection. If He was able to do that, then we just have to trust that he can bring good out of all the bad things that happen in our lives.

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