Anne Lamott Wows Us Again With Stitches

Best-selling author Lamott talks about her new book Stitches and shares her words of wisdom with Oprah for an exclusive episode of Super Soul Sunday on OWN.

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And all the people who have lives I admire--for their commitment to meaningful work, and the ability to have joy and radical playfulness and a sense of having both a strong center and an expansiveness--well, all these people practice a spiritual path. They tend to have a spiritual community in which they are regular members, a meditation practice, certain rituals they adhere to, scripture to which they regularly turn etc. And I have witnessed my whole life that those practices lead to a sense of freedom.

So I adopted that way of life too.

Do you believe in miracles? Why or why not? Should everyone believe in miracles?
I totally believe in miracles. I see them every week, when people go from stricken and clenched, to free, and full of hope. I have seen so many people who were told they were going to die, who are doing just great. I've seen people who were so traumatized by terminal diagnoses--their own or their beloved's--come to experience absolute trust and surrender and acceptance--which is total healing, even when we do go ahead and pass away. I see people who have been abused beyond human decency, make full comebacks, into wholeness and self-love and purpose. I have seen abusers make amends and find redemption. So YEAH, I believe in miracles.

I don't use the word "should" so don't think either people should or shouldn't believe in miracles. But the awareness and expectation of miracles has filled my heart with amazement and joy.

What is the one question that you constantly get asked?
I get asked, "What are you going to do next?" even when my latest book has not hit the bookstores yet, or when I am on booktour. I get asked how being sober for 27 years affects my spirituality, and I say that a) I got to be alive, and fully restored over the course of those years, and b) its like asking how water impacts my quality of life. Water is life! sobriety for me is life, too. It has given me a path on which to walk, beautiful companionship, and a little light by which to see.

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Anne Lamott is sitting down with Oprah on Sunday, October 27th at 11 a.m. ET/PT on OWN for an episode of Super Soul Sunday. Lamott will discuss her new book Stitches – her latest book discusses the search for meaning and how we can make the wounded parts of ourselves whole again. She will also share her own recovery story about addiction and her appreciation for everyday life. For more information on this episode click here.
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