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Best-selling author Joan Hunter explains you can be free from debt and live the life God desires. You can have this supernatural provision and financial freedom during economic storms. How can you achieve this? By tithing, obeying God and declaring his Word over your life.

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 Why are we not getting this?

Many times people are afraid. Many people say they are afraid to tithe. Well, you can’t afford not tithe. I’ve had lack mainly one time in my life, going through divorce and different things like that and had to start my life over. I didn’t have much income, but I never went without. God supernaturally met my every need. We tend to look in the natural. “Well, I’m not a beggar, you might say.” You’re not begging. Say Father, I thank you that according to Philippians 4:19 you are going to supply on my needs. And according to Psalm 34, you are going to bless me. The birds of the air don’t have to worry about where their shelter is coming from. He loves us so much more than a bird. We need to understand how much we mean to God. When this [book] came out at the end of October, the beginning of November, I have 10s of thousands of testimonies [of applying these principles].

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