Amazing 7-year-old actress stuns NYC

Little Maggie Elizabeth Jones captivates a New York city movie screening's audience with her sweet, innocent charm as little Rosie in "We Bought a Zoo"

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And at the center is a charming seven-year-old actress who makes us relax and want to believe – as she deals with silly, delightful second-grader realities such as there is no Easter bunny. Little Miss Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Rosie possesses cute charm, sharp intelligence and a delightful love of life. She packs an explosive personality into this role of an outgoing, articulate little girl with a big heart for her hurting daddy.

Damon took a big risk playing opposite such a little scene-stealer in this story of hope and new beginnings – this tale of losing someone you truly love and accepting that there is no moving on. Instead, we continue to live, finding joy even though the emptiness will never be filled.

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Rob Kerby
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