The Resilient Woman

The fact is that most of us underestimate the degree of strength and flexibility our lives require on a daily basis.

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 • Guiding you in setting helpful boundaries

• Encouraging you to free yourself to take risks while thinking positively

 • Helping you learn how to develop the gift of gratitude in your life, and experiencing the joy that comes from living in the safety of the life you have created. You will find that your resilience can be built and expanded through taking control of your thinking and your actions, which you will be guided in doing by the seven steps provided in the third part of this book. Of course to do this does require that you consciously challenge those girly thoughts, your less-than-helpful negative inner dialogue, but I will show you how!

Each chapter will guide you in creating your very own Resilience Plan, and through writing a personalized Resilience Journal you will develop a complete set of action steps that are specific to you…..


Your Resilience Journal: Using Your Resilient Voice (p.171 ) 

Listen to the voice or image in your mind the next time you need to make a decision—whether you want another cookie, need to work late, or want to set a limit with your child.

Pause for a moment. Ask yourself how to proceed and listen to the answers that come. Weigh which one feels right. Perhaps you’ll hear an internal verbal response or feel a drop in tension as you consider a new option. Or perhaps you’ll see yourself doing what you would really like to do. Practice calling on this part of yourself—your resilient voice—on a regular basis.

Consider the following, and journal your responses in your own time. Find out which of these three different avenues you use to perceive your resilient voice:

1. Are you primarily auditory, and you hear the right answer?

2. Are you primarily visual, and you see yourself?

3. Are you primarily kinesthetic, and you literally feel the right answers in your body? Do your dreams or daydreams provide clues? For many people, resilience speaks through their unconscious, which is why making this process conscious is such a priority. Continue to cultivate your resilience by using it frequently. Use it throughout your day. Ask yourself what you need, and see which answer is the right one. Play with this, and enjoy getting to know you!


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Patricia O’Gorman, Ph.D.
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