Becoming a Family of Plenty

Make Something From Scratch

One of our first realizations upon entering the year is that, if we wanted to have some items, we were going to have to make them from scratch. Some of these consumer goods were staples, like butter and ice cream. Others were special items that we couldn’t find locally like a flamingo piñata requested for a birthday party. We made many discoveries as we ventured out to make these items. We learned that we were capable of far more than we imagined when the year began. We learned that these homemade items, though not as professionally made as goods at the store, were much more satisfying to use. Most of all, we learned that the process of making always forced us to slow down, take time, and be together as a family. While the piñata for Noel’s birthday party wasn’t pretty, it was Noel’s favorite part of the celebration.

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