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our own best friends

Date: 08/19/2014

Here's the thing, folks: who is your best friend? Who do you trust? Who has your back? And who -- within broad limits -- will you forgive almost anything? If you yourself aren't on that list, welcome to adulthood. And how sad is THAT? Buddhism talks alot about knowing your own self. There's a meme going around FB lately, that quotes Bodhidharma , the Buddhist monk, on self-knowledge: If ...

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6 Early Signs Of Cancer You Cannot Ignore

Date: 08/18/2014

Cancer is an illness with poor outcomes and high death rates. So any early signs that one’s body might be coming down with this life-threatening disease would be greatly valuable. The following are some important warning signs of cancer that you should never ignore. Painless lumps along your lymphatic track If you find lumps appearing on your neck, underarm or groin, it is possible that th ...


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