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Holding on to your dream handbag

Date: 11/22/2014

I  don't carry a handbag myself, but I have come to know a bit about women’s purses and pocketbooks, and especially how they feature in dreams. I have talked with hundreds of women about their dreams of handbags over the years. In leading dream theater in my workshops I have been struck by how often a pocketbook has proven to be a key element in the drama – lost or stolen, at risk, flaunted or ...

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Rich Christian, Poor Christian -- Which Are You?

Date: 11/21/2014

I have just spent the last hour cleaning off my desk. To my left is a pile of papers that, if they were dollar bills, would buy me a weekend trip to Hawaii. And that's just envelopes and circulars: the stuff with identifiable information on it is burning in woodstove hell. Such is reality in the paperless society of the United States. But "paperless," like many of the terms we bandy about -- "dom ...

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