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Hero vs. Heroine

Date: 01/19/2015

By Rosalie Maggio, CA www.rosaliemaggio.com The words "hero" and "heroine" convey subtle — and sometimes not so subtle-differences to a reader or an audience. We need to use "hero" for both men and women. In 1939, Amelia Earhart wrote, "No one can scan the shelves of teen-age reading matter without being struck with the fact that girls are evidently not expected to join in the fun. There are n ...

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Muslim-on-Christian Persecution Around the World

Date: 01/23/2015

Since at least the time of the outset of the Iraq War—and quite possibly well before then—there has been much debate among those to the right over why Islamic militants have set their sights upon America and the West. George W. Bush expressed the consensus among most Republican politicians and commentators when he remarked that they hate us because of our values. Ron Paul, in contrast, rep ...

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