A Celebration of Sex

Learning sexual technique, creative ways to please your partner, and how to resolve sexual problems--the Christian way

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Many couples find it uncomfortable to initiate sexual conversations and openly discuss individual needs and desires. The wife may be upset because her husband gets defensive or pouts if she openly refuses sex or makes a small suggestion. The husband may be angry because his wife turns him down after he plays the romantic rituals like taking a quick shower or rubbing her back. These are times for great air-clearing, honest discussions, and confrontation as the couple openly express feelings and needs.

Sexy lovers take the time to develop the sensual, romantic parts of their minds and personalities. Mates can be surprised how talented and creative they are in planning sexy surprises for each other. This may include gifts, foot and leg massages, verbal demonstrativeness, mutual showers, or dinners with candlelight and soft glances. Of course, romantic lovemaking doesn't always involve completely new techniques and experiences. There are certain positions, ways of caressing, places, rhythms, restaurants, moods and vocabulary that remain enjoyable favorites.

Sexiness comes from your imaginative creativity and romantic inspirations-and the discipline (time and energy) to carry them out. You want to be a great, sexy lover? Become a creative romantic who invests time and energy wisely.

Discipline may seem an odd character trait to include for a lover, and the opposite of spontaneity, playfulness and creativity. The truth of the matter is than an undisciplined lifestyle will end up with very infrequent sex. Perhaps you think that discipline would completely destroy the fun and spontaneity of sex and put pressure on you. But if you don't plan sex into your busy schedules and find those optimal times, you will never make love! The ambience, activity, place, timing, and technique are up to your romantic creativity. Just keep a time sacredly (one definition of sacred is: "dedicated to a special purpose") reserved for sex.


God wants you to prosper as a lover. Immerse yourself in playfulness, love, knowledge, honesty, creative romance, and discipline. In addition, here is some further godly wisdom that can help ensure that your celebration of sex flourishes.

Enjoy the incompatibility of gender differences.

"So God created man in His own image; . male and female He created them" (Gen. 1:27). It is fascinating how often in marriage counseling that gender differences come up. Ways in which the genders vary sexually will be developed more in Chapters 8 and 9. From dating days through the honeymoon and into years of marriage, you will be continually amazed how different you are.

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Douglas E. Rosenau
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