Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat? Independent?

Where did Christ stand on such issues as the death penalty, administration of justice, materialism, separation of church and state, and feeding the poor? Abortion? Immigration?


08/19/2012 12:13:40 PM

Democrat social and economic principles are, at their best, silly. Lest graciousness subjugate truth: I generally find Democrat economic principles to be stupefyingly moronic; of their social values, some are hideous, others merely abhorrent, and some, satanically evil. How can one respect a party that holds class envy, destruction of property rights and victimology as their bedrock economic values and Christophobia, abortion, sodomy, pornographically induced adultery, demonstrable racism, destruction of the family, and Orwellian suppression of speech via 'hate-crimes' legislation as their core social values? To compliment them for any minor good they do is to undeservedly raise their moral and political stature, and effectiveness, in the eyes of the world.


08/14/2012 04:50:23 PM

Jesus is the Almighty Savior. Our Constitution was based on a Christian Faith. I was surprised to read 26 signatures on our Constitution are those of ministers during that time frame. The issue of gay marriage, the issue of the Ten Commandants being taken out of our Govt Buildings is ridiculous. And to have someone who has sealed records, but a registered Muslim at Harvard, makes me wonder. What we need to do is bring the country back to our basic beliefs in God. Place our values there, and if the Dems or Republicans don't like it, get rid of them. Our current Administration has done nothing but try to take God out of our Schools and Govt Bldgs. Replace it with his true faith. If we have to, as a Vietnam Vet, most Vets I talk to will take our country back to its original foundation. God is not a Republican and he is not a Democrat or Independent. But he is the Backbone of this country