Is anybody happy with Obamacare?

President Barack Obama's signature legislation is in trouble. Catholics and Evangelicals are united in their objections that it forces Christians to pay for services they find repugnant and immoral. But they're not the only ones who are unhappy.

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4Just how panicked is the administration over the lawsuits’ chances? “In a desperate move,” writes Perkins, “the White House’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett tried to smear Hobby Lobby as an enemy of women’s health — when in fact, no employee would have to go without the care they want. All Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Woods, and countless other business owners are asking is that the government keep employers out of it — just as they had for dozens of years before Obamacare.

“When Jarrett and other liberals rant about companies limiting access to contraception, they’re deliberately misleading the public. Hobby Lobby and other owners can’t take away women’s health care that they never provided!”

Von Zwehl notes that the religious restoration act of 1993 “is aimed at preventing laws which substantially violates a person’s free exercise of religion unless the federal government has a compelling reason to do so. The question Christians across the country need to ask themselves is: Does the federal government have a ‘compelling’ interest in ensuring females have access to contraception and abortion inducing drugs?”


Supporters of the Tea Party movement demPerkins and Bowman recently commissioned a poll on the abortion-contraception mandate. They found that 59 percent of the country sides with Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood and the other companies suing the White House.

Others are seeking relief from the law through the courts, too. Missouri Legislator Paul Wieland and his wife Teresa filed a lawsuit contesting Obamacare’s infringement on their First Amendment rights. The couple is asking the courts to exempt their family from the mandate.

There are tens of millions of Americans across the country who do not have the resources to file individual lawsuits for exemptions. However, they all vote – thus prompting speculation the Obamacare may have cost Democrats their majority in the Senate.

But can Republicans hold onto power in the face of rapidly changing voter demographics?

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Rob Kerby, Senior Editor
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