What has Americans so frightened? Why are they stocking up on guns and ammo?

Fears of crime, a potential crackdown on firearms, social collapse and even zombies have millions loading up as never before.

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“All that is part of America’s heritage, and typically as each group has assimilated, it has participated in the torment of newer arrivals. But we have a more glorious tradition intertwined in American history as well, one of tolerance, amity and religious freedom. Each time, this has ultimately prevailed.”

Meanwhile, what is a parent to do? Sending your child to a school that may be the next target of a lunatic gunman is terrifying.

“As a parent of two boys under the age of four,” Paltzik writes that the idea of millions of guns worries gun-control advocates. But their passivism doesn’t work. “What will gun control proponents say after the next school shooting? Will they admit that gun control is an abject failure? Don’t bet on it. They will call for further gun control. Incremental restrictions occur until gun ban precedent is so overwhelming that the right to bear arms is lost. Eventually, there comes a point where the new hysteria is ‘knife control.’

“And after all the knives are taken away, what then? Hammer control? Where does it end? The slippery slope is real: in 2008, samurai swords were banned in England and Wales! The current debate in the UK involves banning steak knives.”

Paltzik, noting he is “a Jew who views the Nazi rise to power and subsequent Holocaust as a lesson never to be forgotten,” writes that “despots like Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin took whatever they wanted unless and until confronted with superior force. Violent criminals operate on a smaller scale but think the exact same way.


“Before the Nazis came to power, many German Jews believed themselves to be part of the fabric of German society. These tragically naïve and unarmed Jews were easy pickings for the Nazi thugs who destroyed Jewish property and synagogues, then came in the night to abduct their families in order to banish them to appalling death camps, most never to be heard from again. History has much to tell us if only we will listen.”

But it couldn’t happen in America, right? Well, where did New York City’s anti-gun laws come from? According to the editors of Clash Daily, “the father of New York gun control was Democratic city pol ‘Big Tim’ Sullivan – a state senator and Tammany Hall crook, a criminal overseer of the gangs of New York.

“Big Tim” Sullivan

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Rob Kerby, Senior Editor
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