Atheists use "unholy water" to ceremonially defile highway

Christian groups had anointed the roadway, asking blessings on those who travel it and for God to protect the community from drug smugglers

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So they took their ‘unholy water’ and washed the road.

It’s been an ongoing feud between the groups in the county: the atheists are also unhappy with prayer bricks PUP members buried along I-4 and various other roadway leading in to the county, engraved with Psalm 37. 

For the wicked shall be destroyed, but those who trust the Lord shall be given every blessing,’ Geringswald (PUP director) said, reading the psalm from his Bible.

Geringswald said PUP is trying to do something positive – to keep crime out and encourage faith. He says they also plan to run TV ads later this year that will say they are trying to send a positive message about criminals turning their lives around.

The humanists say they don’t plan on stopping their protests any time soon.”

Ellen Beth Wachs, the president of Humanists of Florida Association and Atheists of Florida, further explained to ABC News the motivation of the eight atheists who scrubbed Saturday:

“’This anointment ritual was to call out the angels to check each car that entered the county, to make sure they were Christian, and if they weren’t Christian, they would either follow Christian beliefs or get put in jail,’ Wachs told ABC News.

Wachs said the eight members of the Humanists of Florida Association who brought buckets of water to the roadway today did so in jest.

‘They understand that a year later, there’s no oil left on the roadway. It’s just a symbolic gesture to show that we can poke a little bit of fun at the Polk Under Prayer gesture. We’re not going to tolerate their bigotry,’ Wachs said.”

Atheist groups have found themselves in national headlines of late for campaigns against those with religious believes that raise the question of which side is really intolerant. American Atheists carried out a multi-state campaign around the holiday season last December, posting billboards on major highways that associated Jesus Christ, Santa Claus and the Devil, to myths. The same group filed a lawsuit last summer to stop a steel cross found at Ground Zero from being displayed at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

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