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Micro and Macro Spin on Kansas

The Kansas board's primary action was not to remove all references to Darwin, as so many media accounts claimed

Related Topics: Natural Explanations, Evolution, Science, Boards Standards, Science Educators, Scientific Evidence, Entertainment, Natural Selection, Board, Science Education, Macroevolution


The Harmony of Science and Religion

Religion that opposes science tends to look ridiculous. Baha'i teachings offer a solution

Related Topics: Faiths, Science, Bahai, Transistor Radio, Reality, Statements Contrary, Religion, Naturalist Terms, Through Artificial Means, Objective Observations, Measurement, Meaning


Should Science Speak to Faith?

Two prominent defenders of science exchange their views on how scientists ought to approach religion and its followers.

Related Topics: News, Science Religion


17 Things We Know About Forgiveness

The offense-apology-forgiveness cycle is a draining, regimented ritual for public figures. Here is our best best grab bag of insights from social science about forgiveness theater.

Related Topics: Forgive

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