Relaxation for the Soul

BY: Mary Boscaino


Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a good catnap! You’ve felt it too- admit it. The weariness of the 2 o’clock hour makes your head nod, your fingers park precariously on one letter of the keyboard for far too long. You head to the vending machine for a chocolate jolt to get you through the day. Then, when work is over, you head home to cook dinner, throw a load of clothes in the wash and push through the fatigue to make your evening comfortable for everyone. Everyone except, of course, you.

Instead of pushing to get everything done, and being “too tired” for any real quality time with your loved ones, why not give in to the temptation to close your eyes, read a chapter of a book, pull out your scrap-booking gear, or take a short stroll around the block to give yourself a caffeine-free boost? Or put your favorite music on – in your room, the kitchen, or backyard - wherever you can grab some peaceful moments. Rest your mind and your body. Your soul will rejoice for it!


I belong to You.
I know this best when I am here,
sharing this space and time
with only You.

I unfold here,
bringing each part of myself forward again
to be seen by Your familiar eyes
and to be held in Your focused affection.

Please unfold for me, too.
Let me meet You the way You meet me--
with exclusive attention,
with specific love,
with deliberate commitment.

And should I find distraction
in a dozen other voices,
I pray You draw me in again,
back to the perfect home of Your presence.

- Abigail Wurdeman

"What do you like to do to relax?"



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