A Simple Mantra for Healing Your Dark Night of the Soul

When you can't see the sun shining, learn these steps to find the light within.

BY: Rajiv Parti, MD (aka Dr. Raj)


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The Second Step is to Love

The second step was to start to love myself, my life, my circumstances.

The beauty is that when I started to love ‘myself’, my health improved in leaps. I started eating healthy, going to the gym regularly, meditating and praying regularly.

This self love should not mean a narcissistic way of prioritizing the self at the cost of others, for I truly believe one can only love others when one becomes ‘love’ itself. I started to have gratitude and love re-kindled for the Spirit, the people, the world, the environment; I even changed my car form Hummer to a Camry Hybrid.

Love is defined as:

“A virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection
 and the unselfish,  loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another and oneself"

As famous Mother Teresa quote comes to mind:

“We all can not do great things but we all can do things with great love”

We all can each become a sun of of love – radiating love all around.

So my friends start the ‘ripple effect’ from the heart, from inside your heart, from your Source.

The Third Step is to Heal

After the first two steps of change within our mind, and within our heart comes the step that addresses change at the level of the soul, our spirit.

I have observed in others, and personally experienced that to really heal, there has to be a ‘shift’ that has to happen at a deep level of our consciousness. Effectively, the consciousness has to not just heal but evolve too.

Healing is defined as:

“to make healthy, whole, restore to health; to rejuvenate ,to free from evil; cleanse; purify" 

Looking back I am thankful to the Spirit for the circumstances I had to go through. It has brought love, compassion, ‘Seva’ (service with gratitude), sharing, and creativity as my guiding principles – where as before I lived for cancerous materialism, expensive toys, the satisfaction of myself above all others: it really was all about me: my status.

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