Walking and Yoga

We should all enjoy a good walk, incorporating the qualities of mindfulness and gentleness.

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For me, practicing yoga has provided an excellent balance to running. Running can tend to tighten up the hips and the legs. Yoga loosens them.  Yoga also provides a good transi- tion from being inactive to being very active, as in running. Moving fluidly and holding certain postures brings your awareness  into  your  body,  allowing  for  less discursiveness in   the   mind   and   more   synchronicity—unity   of   mind and  body.  Depending   on  the  kind  of  yoga  you  do  and how you do it, moving fluidly and holding  certain postures can bring a new level of awareness. By achieving a level of comfort  with  your body, you can develop more control  and more  intimacy  with  the  breath.  Controlling  the  breath  al- lows you to access the mind. Having accessed the mind, you can access wisdom. Even very brief sessions of yoga are beneficial.

In a class, you may be intimidated  by other  practitioners who are incredibly flexible. However, that  is their body, and this is your body. In the beginning,  it is not so much about pushing  yourself to be flexible as about bringing your mind into the body, which creates a sense of embodiment.  Even if you are not engaged in yoga in a deep way, you can still benefit from it by incorporating the mind into the body. Just moving the body into different positions, paying attention and breath- ing, automatically connects you with natural healthiness and confidence.

Running with the Mind of MeditationReprinted from Running with the Mind of Meditation By Sakyong Mipham. Copyright © 2012.  Published by Harmony Books, a division of Random House, Inc.

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Sakyong Mipham
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