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How to Green Your Pet Care

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Buy in Bulk, or Make Your Own Pet Food

Fresh Food

Buying in bulk will reduce trips to the store and cuts down on gas consumption. But some pet food may not be the healthiest for your furry family member. Buying organic pet food is an option, but often the cost is too high. In this case, what's even better? Making your own pet food.

Many vets advocate a raw food diet for domestic animals, claiming it's healthier for the animals. Just be sure you provide all the nutrients your pet needs. Generally the rule for a good balance in homemade pet food is 40% proteins, 30% vegetables, and 30% carbohydrates. Once you have found the right balance and consulted with your vet to ensure that the nutrients your pet is receiving are adequate, you can mix up a couple of batches a week and store them appropriately. Many pet owners report astonishing improvements in the health and vitality of their animals, after even a short period of time on homemade food.


30 Days to a Greener You
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