Why Do Unexpected Things Happen?

In cases where the outcome or manifestation seems incongruous with your beliefs and expectations, there are probably a few things going on that might be worth considering.

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A question I get asked frequently is if we accept and truly believe that everything that comes into our experience is a result of our vibrational output in that moment (the energy frequency we are radiating out), then how can we explain events that seemingly come “out of the blue?” There are many times in my own life when I feel like the unexpected happens- and this is coming from someone that is pretty mindful of her thoughts on a daily basis! Also, I want to clarify that by unexpected, I don’t always mean negative. For example, sometimes I’ll find myself dreading a meeting with someone or an event, and it turns out much better than what I was expecting. Other times, I’m feeling pretty positive and excited about an opportunity and it turns out to be disappointing or not meeting my expectations (for whatever reason). So, if we get what we think about and what we expect in accordance with our beliefs, how are the above scenarios possible?

In cases where the outcome or manifestation seems incongruous with your beliefs and expectations, there are probably a few things going on that might be worth considering:

1. Are you truly in sync with your emotions?

Sometimes, people have been at a vibrational set point for so long, it doesn’t even register to them as negative emotion anymore. For example, if you are a chronically irritated or grumpy person, it may not even register as abnormal to you, and you may not understand why you attracted that rude person on your commute to work. As far as you’re concerned, you were just in your usual state of mind trying to get somewhere. Then suddenly, out of the blue, someone cuts you off in traffic. And you ask yourself, why did that just happen? I wasn’t thinking about a rude person. And I wasn’t being rude to anyone else. You then brush it off as a coincidence and blame the other driver. But yet, the Universe is always a fair friend, and is unerringly precise in what it’s delivering to you in every given moment. If your chronic set point is irritated, or you have an underlying, low grade anger, irritability, or impatience going on somewhere in your vibration, the Universe is still responding to that whether you are consciously recognizing it or not. Of course, the more intense the emotion, the greater the vibration, and the stronger the manifestation. But even low lying, chronic negative emotion will manifest in some way, shape, or form over time. So when something seemingly negative happens, check yourself for the extent of ALL the emotions going on within you in that moment – whether they seem related to what manifested or not. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of conscious vibrational tweaking to clear out some negative underlying thoughts or emotional patterning that can be introducing negativity into your life.


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