Quiz: Christmas Trees and Plants

Many Christmas legends about plants and trees have sprung up over the years. How much flora lore do you know?
Q1. According to one Mexican legend, weeds that a poor girl brought to the baby Jesus turned into:
1. goldenrod
2. purple lilies
3. poinsettias
Q2. According to legend, why did the holly's berries turn from white to red?
1. So shepherds could follow glowing red holly berries to find the stable in Bethlehem
2. Jesus' crown of thorns was made of holly, and his blood stained the berries
3. They blushed red when Mary gathered them for a bouquet
Q3. In an old Christmas custom, people sent golden roses to:
1. Women who played the role of Mary in Nativity plays
2. Those who lived an exemplary Christian life
3. Children who gave Santa cookies
Q4. Which leader was said to be the first to decorate Christmas trees with candles?
1. Martin Luther
2. St. Francis of Assisi
3. Pope Leo X
Q5. According to legend, why are some trees evergreen?
1. A tree sacrificed its branches so the Wise Men could build a fire with them.
2. A tree screened the Holy Family from Herod's soldiers, and baby Jesus blessed it.
3. A tree gave its wood to Joseph so he could build a table.
Q6. One story holds that after Eve took a fruit from it, the fir tree only blossomed centuries later:
1. On Christmas Eve
2. On Palm Sunday
3. On Good Friday


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